One Shot RPG

Sci-Fi Horror JRPG with Point and Click Elements

One Shot RPG a role playing game set in a sci-fi and horror setting. Explore your surroundings point-and-click-style while overcoming challenging JRPG battles. The game is designed to respect your time and is currently in development using Godot.

Planned Game Features

A Sci-Fi Horror Setting

A scummed, a person who's been twisted into a super-powered monster, is terrorizing a local farm. Players assume the role of a group of trained fighters who take down this type of threat. Not every employee is willing to lend a hand; this future farm of not-quite-our-Earth is hiding some shady secrets. Players must ultimately decide the scummed's fate, deserving or not.

Hand-Drawn Point and Click Adventure

  • Colorful, hand-drawn, 2D backgrounds and objects
  • Never use the wrong verb on the right object: there are no verbs
  • Solve puzzles with items from your inventory
  • Take care of a virtual pet for added benefits

Challenging, Grind-Free JRPG Battles

  • Fast-paced, deadly battles with no healing abilities
  • No grind, no experience, no levels
  • Swap weapons to change your available skills in the heat of battle
  • No MP to conserve, fully restore HP after every battle
  • Hit weak points to break the enemy, but they can do the same to you
  • Status effects work on all enemies. No immune bosses

Well-Paced Plot, Great for Speedruns

  • Finish in about 4 hours
  • No filler
  • Many systems are optional. Focus on how you want to play
  • Speed through for added dificulty or take your time for an easier experience

Follow Along With the Game's Development

One Shot RPG is in active development. You can check progress made on the game by reading our status updates.
Last update posted on August 5, 2018.

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