Animal Production and Administration on the Farm

The first One Shot RPG setting also produces animals and animal products. But, it’s the farm’s business offices prove to be the scummed’s primary targets.

The last article focused on the farm’s plant side of things. While it may not be a full-scale animal production operation, I envision the RPG setting providing some sort of animal raising capabilities and lab-grown meat. The farm will also have some administration or business-type offices. To the scummed, these offices represent what’s wrong with the company, so she’ll hit these targets with all of her full force.

Animal Preprocess

Nursery / Hatchery

This facility is where the animals are fertilized, modified in the womb, birthed, and raised until they’re production ready. When the party encounters this building, they may find that there’s nothing there, the emptiness proving to be ominous as the exits are closed off with a wall of plants, trapping the party inside.


The farm would have a facility dedicated to veterinary care. It’s one of the processes they can’t entirely automate, so at least some of the workers present will be veterinarians. An encounter here may involve fighting the staff. The corporate R&D may get some additional role playing options during this encounter. While they work for the wrong company, he’d be able to connect with the medical staff due to their shared background. He may be able to get extra information out of them, if they haven’t been taken over by the plant parasite, that is.

Animal Production

Growing Lab

I’ve mentioned that the farm would also supply lab-grown meat, and this is the facility where it happens. Meat is “grown” from a variety of processes too complex to detail here, and harvested automatically. As with the GMO plants, this process would have no stigma attached. An encounter here would be about the trope of the meat being made of people, or at least the technicians that operate the facility.

Open Range Animals

Similar to how there’s a market for “naturally” grown plants in fields, there’ll be a market for open range animals, despite how much energy they require. The farm will have a small open area for some animals to roam. An encounter here may be from crazed animals that the plant parasite has taken over.


The animal pens, for the non-free-range animals are almost fully automated. Gates open and close automatically, feeding systems are on a timer, even the day-night cycle is simulated. The animals here have never seen the outside light until the scummed arrived. The encounter here may involve calming down the confused animals, or seeing signs of what the scummed can do, or her motivations.

Animal Processing

Animal Processing Facility

“Animal processing” is the fancy term for a slaughterhouse. The scummed may have laid traps for the party, plants that spring into growth on contact, trying to force the party into the machinery. Saws roar to life as the party pass them, to set the horror tone of the adventure. The party may encounter the monster herself, as she recounts her story and how she wants the agents who traumatized her childhood to meet the same fate the animals do in this facility.

Automated Resource Harvesting

This facility harvests resources from animals in an automated fashion. Milking, collecting eggs, shearing, or other processes not invented yet for the types of animals that’ll be engineered in the future. I don’t have an idea for an encounter here yet, so maybe this facility will get cut.


Command Center

The command center controls all of the automated processes. It contains the connections to all of the transfer mechanisms—pipes, conveyors, and so on. Technicians are supposed to be monitoring the entire facility from here, but the scummed has compelled them to work for her. Now they’re spooking the party, such as making the saws in the slaughterhouse active when the party walks by. They can also use security footage to let the scummed know where they are, providing a reason for her to constantly pop up throughout the RPG one shot.

Business Office

The business office controls the farm’s money. To the scummed, it represents everything wrong with the food corporation. It was the first target in her rampage. It will perhaps be the first encounter for the party, exploring it will led them to find staff succumbing to the plant parasite. They may be able to get information from employees before the parasite bursts forth from their skin.

Equipment Repair and Robot Servicing

This facility is where engineers service the equipment and robots. The scummed could have forced them to turn the farm’s robots into enemies for the party to fight. Or the party could find unexpected allies, who are using their machines to fend off the plant invasion.

The first One Shot RPG setting has been fleshed out, along with ideas for encounters. Next up is to plan out the encounter flow to create a compelling narrative.