Ending the Series: A Shift In Focus

One Shot RPG is moving from tabletop role playing games to video games. Same world and characters, different medium.

The project started with the goal of creating single session tabletop RPGs. After careful consideration, I’ve decided to shift gears. The setting, premise, and characters will be staying the same. What’s changing is the medium. Instead of one shot tabletop roleplaying games, it’ll be one shot video games.

Introducing One Shot RPG, short role playing adventures playable from start to finish in a single afternoon.

Before being able to create games that live up to that expectation, I have to practicing making and finishing games in general. I need to make lots of short, little games for practice—while blogging and making tutorials about the entire process. I’ll need to learn how to structure projects, create compelling gameplay, and create my own assets. My learning experiences will become your own.

I’ll be using Godot, a free and open source game engine. Godot recently released its third version, and I’ve been experimenting with it for a few months while it was in beta. I’ll talk more about what I think of Godot in a future series.

The change in focus means that this series has to end prematurely. Perhaps some of the ideas brainstormed in these articles will make it into a future game.