Fleshing Out More RPG One Shot Ideas

Two more ideas for a sci-fi horror RPG adventure are discussed in this article.

Fleshing Out More Ideas

Unlike the last idea that I fleshed out, the next two ideas are already rooted in the setting of One Shot RPG. They require less tweaking to become full adventures and are more focused on encounter-based gameplay.

Cults Incorporated

One of Earth’s major mega corporations is the faith-based industrial complex. In our not-so-distant future, faith will be bought and sold, with one entity purchasing up the rights to all of the world’s major religions. Instead of wasting time acquiring the lesser-known faiths, they lobbied to force all places of worship to obtain a license. Of course, they own and profit off the licensing process. That means that all faiths are either owned by or make money for a single entity. This adventure is about a new subsidiary of that entity, a new cult that’s quickly getting out of hand.

The cult is dedicated to worshipping an “old god” that is said to have been written out of history and lost to time. Their leader’s unwavering faith, charisma, and persuasion abilities means that the cult is quickly gaining devoted followers. The parent company, seeing profits increasing, gives the cult its own religious compound, where the adventure takes place. The party arrives at the compound because there’s rumors that there’s a monster stalking its halls.

When the party arrives they quickly discover that the cult leader has full control over members, and is manipulating them for their own personal gain. The cult leader isn’t shown to be doing anything necessarily evil—until they call a selection process. This selection process is to choose an individual who will be visited by their god, blessed, then whisked into the heavens (space) to serve some unknown purpose. The party finds out that these chosen individuals are never seen again. After accusing the cult leader of murdering the followers, the truth isn’t quite as clear cut. The cult leader is somewhat innocent, instead being manipulated by their deity—a scummed. The scummed kidnaps the sacrifices and does yet-to-be-decided horrible things to them, then launches the evidence into space.

I’m not entirely sure what the scummed’s abilities are or their motivations. An initial idea is that the scummed wants to worship freely, outside the control of the company, so they took over the cult to grow its influence, eventually planning on taking over the entire company’s operations. Its abilities might be the power of suggestion, pulling the strings of the cult’s leadership. They might convert the “sacrifices” into its puppets and send them to the other planets so they can start their own offshoots. Or the scummed might simply suck the life out of the followers—I haven’t decided yet.

The party must find out the truth, rescue the sacrifices, and take down the scummed behind it all.

Farm of Tomorrow

What does the farm of tomorrow look like? I imagine giant solar-panel covered towers outside a city, with fully automated plant growing systems. Underneath are labs that grow animal-free meat and genetically modify—without the stigma—food that sustains the population. New animals that are created from the combination of DNA modifying and intense breeding programs grow materials that are useful for industry. Of course, it’s all controlled by a single corporation that holds a patent on life, but at least the technology is cool.

There was a child from a poor family who, due to some greed from the locals, were going hungry. When the family tried growing their own food, they received a cease and desist. When they refused that, the food company sent thugs to destroy their garden. The child grew up to resent the food company and plotted a way to get their revenge. Scum stuck to the child, sensing their anger and dissatisfaction, turning them into a scummed. Now they had the abilities to do something, but in their twisted worldview, that meant sabotaging the food supply and harming the workers, even though that would cause other families the same pain they felt as a child.

The scummed has turned the farm of tomorrow into the farm of nightmares. The party finds the workers being treated as livestock. Plants, animals, and the lab-grown meat are poisoned, ready to be shipped out to customers. There’s even some hints that that lab-grown meat may be made from people. The scummed’s abilities may involve controlling plants, but I haven’t decided yet.

The party must investigate, learn about the poisoning and stop the tainted food from going out, rescue the workers being treated like livestock, take down the scummed, and determine if the secret ingredient to the lab-grown meat really is people.

Now that’s I’ve fleshed out the three ideas, I feel like I can pick the winner for the first RPG one shot adventure. Once the winner is chosen, the rest of the components can start to be created.