The first One Shot RPG villain comes from a past filled with hardship and trauma. As a newly created scummed, she uses her plant-based abilities to get her revenge against the company that traumatized her childhood.

Character Facts

  • Human female
  • European descent
  • Scummed
  • Controls plants


The character’s full background can be read in a previous article.

The scummed comes from a poor family, one that struggled to become food independent. The family worked hard and had jobs, but the jobs didn’t pay enough to put food on the table. She would often go hungry for extended periods of time, and the local community would not support the family. The family, taking matters into their own hand, decided to grow their own food.

But growing food is a complicated subject in the world of One Shot RPG. The monopolistic food megacorporation controls who can grow what, where and when. The family’s neighbors gave them up, and the company sent agents to their home. She witnessed the agents destroying her home, severely injuring her parents, and even threatening her. The trauma left its mark, and she grew up with a fierce sense of purpose. Her goal in life is to end the reign of the food corporation that hurt her and her family.

Her primary way of achieving that is to develop her own food line, one that’s not owned by the corporation. She spent her early adult life learning about genetic engineering and finding “natural” plants that fall outside the purview of the company. Once she has developed something viable—that will feed families at a low cost—she plans on open sourcing the species, making sure no family will ever have to suffer like she did.

Over time scum has been accumulating on her, the substance drawn to her ambition and her quest for vengeance. When it reacted and turned her into a scummed, she gained a new goal. In order for her own plants to be successful, she needs to take down the food corporation one farm at a time. She currently has her eyes set on the farm outside her city, one that the party must infiltrate to stop her. She’s willing to risk a short-term food supply disruption that will impact families like hers, because she knows the long-term benefits will outweigh the short-term loss.


Twisted Worldview

Being a scummed has given her a twisted worldview. She views what she is doing as right and justified, and thinks that her end goal outweighs her means of accomplishing it. She understands the concept of right and wrong, but to her, everything she does is right. Her intentions are pure, but her methods aren’t.


Over the years she’s learned about genetic engineering and large scale, futuristic farm processes. She had to do intense research in order to ensure that her plants were going to be commercially viable and be able to provide enough nutrition to families for a low cost. During encounters with the party, she’s not afraid to ramble on about the machinery or the methods of production.

Eating Disorder

She’s had a troubled history with food, and it is at the center of her traumatic past. This has led her to have a long-term struggle with food. To her, food is not something to eat for sustenance, it has an emotional quality. Over time her disorder has alternated between overeating, undereating, and having anxiety about the ingredients in her food.

Physical Description

The character was a human in her late thirties of European descent. Now she’s a scummed—a monster. She stands taller than other humans, because her neck, legs, and arms have been replaced with long branches. Her head is surrounded by thorny flower petals, and her mouth is unnaturally wide, lined with sharp teeth. She has spikes, thorns, and other knobby protrusions around her body, and her fingers are pointed and end in claws. Various roots, tendrils, thorns, and flowers protrude from her skin.

Defining Visual Characteristics

Flower-Shaped Head

There’s a giant flower with thorn-covered petals that lines her head. Some of the petals are folded, fused into her face where her ears and eyes should be. When she’s agitated the thorns on the petals flare up, turning her face into a spiked monstrosity.

Wooden Neck, Arms, Legs

Her neck, arms, and legs have an elongated appearance because they have been replaced with a woody, branch-like substance. This makes her appearance tall and lanky.

Picking Her Own Fruit

  • Represents her eating disorder and know-it-all tendencies

She’s depicted as eating fruit off of the plants that protrude out of her skin. This represents her history with eating disorder, as she has an on-demand source of food that she can eat any time. She also likes to lecture her victims about the different fruits that she’s eating, representing her status as a know-it-all.

Battle Mechanics

The full description of her abilities can be read in an earlier article.

She has the ability to control plants, which she uses both offensively and defensively. Defensively, she’s able to grow walls and hazardous terrain to slow down her opponents. Offensively, she’s able to rapidly grow the flora under an opponent’s feet, with enough speed and force to impale them.

The scummed has control of a plant-based parasite. When infected, the host will carry out her commands. After fulfilling them, the parasite kills the host and the plant bursts out from its body, a warning message to anyone who dares defy her orders.

Finally, she can concentrate toxins from the fruit of the plant parasite. These toxins work by ingestion; mild ones cause sickness while more potent ones are deadly.