The animal people playable RPG race resembles a mashup of various Earth fauna. Like the chimera of ancient myth, the race combines the head, body, and legs of different species. Add in the sharp claws and fangs, and the race takes on a fierce appearance.

Animal People

Individuals of One Shot RPG’s playable alien species from Venus are known as animal people. As the name suggests, the race resembles anthropomorphized animals from Earth. It’s been theorized that long ago, matter from Earth containing microscopic organisms landed on Venus. The organisms evolved in a manner similar to Earth life, which could explain the resemblance that the species has to Earth fauna.


Describing the animal people race is like describing the mythical chimera, in that they are made up of a combination of animals. All members share the same base body and arms, which resemble a hunched over great ape with human-like hands. Their bodies are covered in thick fur, starting from below the neck, extending to the knuckles and to the thighs. Their fingers end in large claws while their mouth sports long fangs. The hunched over stance, claws, and fangs give them a monstrous, vicious appearance. The race does not have any naturally grown tails or wings. Their fur, scale, and feather patterns and coloring resemble their Earth counterparts. Stripes, spots, and other camouflage are as common as flashy patterns, such as a peacock’s.

The legs of the animal people come in three standard varieties: bird, ungulate, and lizard. The bird variety starts with feathers at the thighs and ends in sharp-taloned feet. The ungulate variety starts with short hair at the thighs and ends in hoofs, giving the individual the appearance of a faun or early satyr depictions. Lizard individuals have scales at their thighs, and the feet end in sharp claws. Because of the different type of legs, animal people only wear clothing down to their thighs, and leave their lower legs and feet uncovered.

The head of an animal person is as varied as the animals on Earth. Individuals can have the head of any terrestrial chordate. Their heads are elongated, and feature sharp fangs, even when the base creature does not. The head comes with additional features from that animal. Bird animal people have feathers, crests, and beaks. Male lion-headed individuals sport manes. Lizard-headed animal people have scales, long tongues and may grow frills around their necks.


An average animal person is about six inches taller than a human. They have a weight that’s comparable to an Earthling. Because most of their body resembles a fur-coated great ape, their internal structures are very similar to that of a human. The species lacks many secondary sex characteristics, so the easiest way to tell the genders apart is through their voices.

Regardless of what type of head or feet they have, they are all of the same species. Genetics dictates the type of head and feet configuration. All members of the species gives live birth, usually to one offspring at a time.

Body Modification

A common body modification involves grafting parts of animals that an individual doesn’t resemble. A rat-headed animal person may graft the antlers of a buck. A bird-headed character may decide that a forked tongue fits their style. Couples may graft features from each other as a sign of affection. Other common modifications includes changing fur patterns and colors.

No Tails

While an animal person could graft a tail onto their body, doing so is frowned upon. To want a tail is akin to betraying the species—and to become something lesser. While the non-intelligent creatures of Venus sport tails, somewhere in the animal people’s evolutionary history their tails were lost. To the race, the lack of a tail is viewed as a sign of intelligence. Ancient cultures held the belief that removing the tail from a creature would grant it sapience. When the other alien species were discovered—tailless, sapient beings—this belief reemerged.

With the animal people alien species defined, all of the native races from the three explorable planets are accounted for. There is a fourth playable race in the sci-fi and horror RPG one shot setting. They originate from a planet far away, but may still be from our solar system.