The Fallen Captain Premade RPG Character Prompt

The fallen captain premade RPG character uses her connections and leadership skills to support the party. She attacks at range using her rifle-like railgun.

Character Facts

  • Human female
  • Asian descent
  • Direct ranged - rifle railgun
  • Leader


The captain—before she became fallen—was a well respected and well connected member of the Earth military. She was active in the time before the cosmic horror threat and the tri-planet was alliance formed. Despite being in the Earth military, she vowed to protect and serve all sapient species of the solar system, not just humans. Her subordinates looked up to her as a role model and she provided inspiration to those who wished to advance the ranks. She cared about her soldiers, and it was her duty to keep them safe.

The captain and her crew were performing a routine search and rescue operation: helping to find a lost research vessel that was last heard sending out an S.O.S. During the mission, something odd appeared on the scanners, something even the military’s AI couldn’t describe. The captain gave the order to investigate the anomaly, and the ship headed towards it. That was the day the cosmic horrors revealed themselves, the anomaly—a twisted alien abomination—attacked. The ship didn’t stand a chance against the monster’s then unknown powers. The captain managed to survive, most of her charges didn’t.

Wracked with guilt and grief, the captain started relentlessly investigating the new cosmic horror monstrosities. In her studies she discovered the rumors of scum and its origins. Her thirst for knowledge brought the ire of the military—after all, they were trying to cover up scum in their quest for warp technology. They silenced her by means of honorable discharge, the captain had become fallen. She was betrayed by the institution she devoted her life to. Now she fulfills her vow to protect and serve by being a scum fighter.


Outgoing and Connected

She didn’t achieve her rank without having connections. Her outgoing nature allows her to make those connections. The fallen captain seems to get along with everyone she meets; even opponents on the battlefield feel compelled to have a chat with her. No matter where she goes, she seems to know someone, or at least a friend of a friend.

Level Headed

The fallen captain keeps a level head at all times. It takes a lot to rile her up and throw her off her game. Under the stress of a scummed encounter, she’s the one calling the shots and making the decisions. When presented with how to handle the monster: kill, cure, leave alone, she works with the group to come up with the best decision. She always maintains an air of professionalism, which makes her the party leader.

Generalized Anxiety

To an outsider, her people skills and level headedness seem to come second nature to the fallen captain. In reality they don’t. She suffers from generalized anxiety. Everything from meeting new people to making a decision on the battlefield is met with panic and worry. While she does a good job hiding it, her closest friends know that even the little decisions can cause agony.

Physical Description

The fallen captain is a tall, middle-aged human of Asian descent. She dons her captain’s uniform, which she managed to reacquire after her discharge. She has altered the uniform, adding a new emblem that better represents her status as a scum fighter. She always stands upright, with her head held high, maintaining her image as a leader. She wears a communicator device on her arm that she uses to stay in touch with her contacts. Her weapon of choice is a rifle-like railgun.

Defining Visual Characteristics


  • Represents her level headedness and anxiety

She wears her captain’s uniform, which she managed to reacquire after being discharged. The uniform is uniquely shaped, its wide shoulders, many medals, and strong lines show her leadership abilities. The uniform is now considered old-fashioned; when the alliance between the three planets were formed all of the garbs were changed out. The sleeves are frayed, not because of its age, but because the fallen captain tugs at them when she feels anxious.

New Emblem

  • Represents her new status as a scum fighter

The captain covered up her old squad’s emblem with a new one, one that represents her role as a scum fighter. The logo is in the shape of a raccoon’s face, a species that has adapted to a new form of survival in the face of adversity. Their scrappy nature, ability to survive, and their penchant for making the best of what’s around echoes the situation of a scum fighter.

Communicator Device

  • Represents her well-connectedness

The fallen captain wears a communication device—an old fashioned, bulky one at that. This model is worn on her left arm, starting with a fingerless glove and extending up to the elbow. When activated, it projects various screens and interfaces into the user’s vision using the chip. To the onlooker it looks as if she is tapping and typing into thin air. She uses the device to maintain contact with her connections.

Battle Mechanics

Gameplay Niche

The fallen captain’s class fantasy is just that, fallen captain. She mainly deals direct damage from range using her rifle. Her leadership skills can be used to bolster the party’s morale, and she’s able to talk herself out of situations and talk enemies down. This gives her the role as the party leader.

RPG Weapon

She prefers to use a rifle railgun that’s similar to the standard issue one she used while in the military. The rifle is two handed, has a slower rate of fire, but deals more damage than a smaller gun.


The fallen captain uses her leadership abilities to inspire the party and talk down opponents. She’s able to use her railgun to provide cover fire to distract enemies and help the party. Her well-connectedness allows her to call in favors, whether that’s acquiring useful items or even hiring helpful NPCs to tag along.