The Corporate R&D Premade RPG Character Prompt

The corporate R&D is a character that has unyielding loyalty to his employer, who turned his life around. He is working to take scum and develop a procedure that gives people powerful abilities, which has led him to the life of a scum fighter.

Character Facts

  • Human male
  • Latino descent
  • Direct damage, mixed melee and ranged - knife and handgun
  • DPS


The corporate R&D was born prematurely, which left him blind in both eyes. The technology was there to prevent both problems, but his parents viewed a natural birth and all-natural upbringing as “good”. This meant that he had a sickly childhood, and grew up to be shorter than average. His parents wouldn’t even allow him to get the Internet chip. Luckily for him at least getting vaccinated was the law. He learned to live with his disability, but he was not satisfied with the decisions his parents made for him. When he came of age he left to live on his own, his first goal was to raise enough money to fix his blindness.

He couldn’t raise enough, though, and settled for an illegal operation. It was botched, his eyes were permanently ruined, and he suffered scarring on his face. The character was distraught and angry until he was given a miracle in the form of a benefactor. A high-ranking member of the largest corporation in the world—the one in charge of body modification options and running the healthcare system—stumbled upon the young man. The benefactor saw potential in the character, a spark that could be spun into something great—something exploitable by the corporation.

The benefactor paid for cybernetic eye implants, and offered the character a job in research and development. The benefactor knew that the young man had a newfound loyalty to the company, which made him a valuable asset. The corporate R&D, with unyielding devotion to the institution, climbed the ranks. He’s now in charge of coming up with new body modification procedures. In his research he heard rumors of a mysterious substance that can change an individual. He set out to be a scum fighter, not to protect, but to research the substance and the abilities it bestows with its corruption. After all, a procedure that grants people superpowers would make a killing on the market. His hands-on research will usher in a new era for the corporation that has done so much for him.



The corporate R&D is ambitious, almost to a fault. His life has been that of overcoming challenges. He takes on new situations with fervor, seeing the unknown as something to be controlled. His ambition can lead him to trouble; sometimes he bites off more than he can chew and gets in situations he has no chance of doing well in.


He was raised as a sickly, short, vision impaired child who couldn’t even access the Internet. He was bullied as a kid, his family was shunned for being naturals. He was even taken advantage of by a con artist who botched his eye surgery. All his life he had been picked on, which has led him to have a confrontational personality. People that make fun of him or imply that he can’t do something are in for a world of hurt.

Unyielding Loyalty

He has an unyielding loyalty to the benefactor that took him in and the corporation that raised him. He does not have a sense of right and wrong when it comes to the company’s activities. Everything they do is right to him, even if they take advantage of the underprivileged. His fight against the scummed is a prime example. To him the scummed are not monsters that hurt people, rather they’re subjects to be studied, assets for the company to own.

Physical Description

The corporate R&D is a thirtysomething human of Latino descent. Being born prematurely left him shorter than average, which compounds with his already stocky build. As a result from a botched surgery, his face is scarred around his eyes. His eyes are cybernetic implants, which glow in unnatural colors. He wears a long, flowing scarf and clothing branded with his employer’s logo.

Defining Visual Characteristics

Cybernetic Eyes

  • Represent his unyielding loyalty and ambition

The most striking feature of the corporate R&D is that his eyes are cybernetic implants. They have no pupil or iris. Instead they’re solid, and glow in unnatural, bright colors. The character stands out in the dark, his eyes always visible. The eyes are the catalyst for his unyielding loyalty to his employer and his ambition to climb the ranks of the company.

Eye Scars

  • Represent his confrontational attitude

He has scars around his eyes from his first attempt at curing his blindness. These scars are proof that there are people that will pick on him and take advantage of his disability. They represent his confrontational attitude, he puts people in their place when they cross him.

Branded Scarf

  • Represents his ambition and unyielding loyalty

After he could see for the first time he picked out a scarf from the company’s apparel shop. It was the first article of clothing that he chose for its visual aesthetics. There was something about it that spoke to him, it made him want to stay at the company, to be the best employee. He has worn it nearly every day since. The scarf represents his ambition and unyielding loyalty to the corporation.

Battle Mechanics

Gameplay Niche

The corporate R&D’s class fantasy is the scrapper. He isn’t a trained fighter, but he sure can make due with what he knows. His attacks are reckless and predictable, but he makes them work. He mainly deals direct damage from both melee and ranged. In role playing situations, his status as a higher-ranking employee at one of the ruling corporations can grant the party access to information they may not have otherwise.

RPG Weapons and Abilities

The character uses two weapons, a small handgun at range and a small tech knife in melee. His attacks are reckless, often going for large spikes of damage at the cost of accuracy or leaving him open for counterattack. He’s like a barbarian from ancient times, charging into battle without second thought.