The Flamethrower Premade RPG Character Prompt

Suffering tragedy in his past, the flamethrower has taken up the life of a scum fighter. As his name implies, this premade RPG character carries around a large flamethrower that also happens to be his entire left arm.

Character Facts

  • Human male
  • African descent
  • Indirect ranged - flamethrower
  • Small shield


The flamethrower won’t admit to it, but his story is one of tragedy. The flamethrower came from a happy and stable family. He lived with his elderly parents and his adult siblings, including his younger sister. The family was middle class, holding steady jobs at the regional offices of the ruling corporations. They would take frequent vacations to the other planets in their family spaceship, even after the cosmic horrors revealed themselves.

The family appeared to be happy, but appearances aren’t everything. Unbeknownst to the flamethrower, his younger sister was dealing with a personal crisis, one that had been brewing for years. A twisted worldview was forming, scum was accumulating. Then she got fired from her job—the tipping point. The substance reacted and a new scummed was born, right in the flamethrower’s own home. Not only did the character lose his arm, he lost his entire family to his scummed sister. The flamethrower had no clue what was happening or why, but he knew that he had to save his sister-turned-monster, the last family member he had remaining. He somehow stumbled upon the cure and performed it—not knowing that he created another scummed in the process.

The details are sketchy, but either the sister’s powers or the cure dealt with fire, as the family’s home was scorched. The authorities concluded that the entire family, flamethrower and cured sister included, perished in the fire. Scum is a rumor after all, and who’s going to believe that a person could turn into a monster and cause a large fire?

The character became a scum fighter to find how and why his sibling turned. He replaced his lost arm with a flamethrower, the flames at the center of the tragedy that befell his family. Now he uses the flames prevent what happened to his family to happen to anyone else.



The flamethrower’s mission is to prevent his tragic past from happening to another. His fellow scum fighters are his new family now, which he protects vigorously. He feels the need to seek out scummed and end their tirade quickly, before anyone else gets hurt. This often has him choosing a direct approach to problems, anything that will get the party to the scummed faster is the best option. Despite performing the cure in the past, he advocates ending scummed as to not create another monster and dooming others to the same fate.


The character understands grief, death, betrayal, and losing everything. For that, he is able to connect with others and feel their pain. This makes him a great listener, both to victims of the scummed and to the monsters themselves. He’s able to figure out what is making others hurt and can even understand a scummed’s motivations. When he’s not quickly trying to fell a scummmed, the character is surprisingly good at talking to them.


While the flamethrower defends his new family and can empathize with others, that’s not his default state. He was betrayed by someone he was close to. The character knows firsthand that people hide dark secrets, that they can be selfish, and that their ideologies can harm others. He treats every new person he meets coldly, opting not to trust them until they’ve proven themselves worthy. It takes time to become friends with the flamethrower, but once you’ve become a part of his family, his other two traits shine.

Physical Description

The flamethrower is a thirtysomething human of African descent. The most striking feature is that his left arm is missing, replaced by a machine that mixes chemicals to produce flame—a flamethrower. He has an average height and build. His clothes are simple and nondescript, and fit well to protect from the flames. He wears a device on his right arm that folds out into a small buckler.

Defining Visual Characteristics

Flamethrower Arm

  • Represents his backstory, and his untruthfulness

The main standout feature of the character is his namesake, the flamethrower that he’s replaced his left arm with. The weapon has visible vats that hold the chemicals that are mixed to produce the flame. The barrel of the device can retract, leaving a mechanical hand, which means the character has the use of both hands and arms for everyday tasks.

Foldout Buckler

  • Represents being a defender and being empathetic

The RPG character wears a device on his right forearm that folds out into a round buckler during battle. The buckler has a distinct appearance, as if the character designed it for himself. He uses this shield to protect himself and others during a fight.

Battle Mechanics

Gameplay Niche

His class fantasy is in his name, flamethrower user. He mainly attacks from range, his flames and burning chemicals causing indirect damage. He also uses his shield to protect the backline squishies from damage, serving as an occasional off tank.

RPG Weapons and Abilities

His flamethrower arm is his main weapon of choice. It operates by mixing various chemicals together to produce flames or other burning compounds. In wide open spaces he’s able to spray large amounts of flame over the battlefield. In smaller encounters, especially indoors, he uses a smaller, steady flame, to burn opponents from a closer range. It’s also able launch a sticking gel that slowly burns opponents rather than combusts. This gel is useful when there’s allies in the way or there’s too much risk of setting the place on fire.

He also wields a small buckler that folds out during a fight. He can block some ranged damage when the backline is getting targeted, helping them get out of danger. He bashes enemies that get too close, which knocks them away so he can gain distance.