The Heavy Premade RPG Character Prompt

The heavy is a brash, hammer wielding, cyborg bodybuilder premade RPG character. Her large, commanding frame is covered in graffiti tattoos, which are testaments to her triumphs.

Character Facts

  • Human cyborg female
  • European descent
  • Direct melee - large hammer
  • Tank


The heavy used to be a competition bodybuilder, renowned for being one of, if not the best in the solar system. Her goal was to achieve the perfect body. She viewed hers as the ultimate machine, one that could push the limits of humanity. She was so obsessed with this idea that the metaphor became reality. She replaced most of her body with machine parts, becoming a cyborg. The decision to become machine came at a cost: she’d no longer be able to professionally compete again.

She thought that her transformation would bring her happiness. She thought wrong. Even her machine body had its limits. The heavy set out to find a new form of enlightenment, a new way to reach perfection. When she heard that one of her formal rivals went missing under mysterious circumstances she set out to investigate. In the process she discovered scum and its mysterious ability to turn people into monsters. The heavy found a new challenge to overcome: hone her fighting skills to become the best scum fighter.


Constant Improvement

Her main drive is the need to constantly improve herself. She believes perfection is achieved by putting in the work to overcome impossible obstacles. The heavy was one of the best bodybuilders in the solar system, and now she’s set her eyes on being the best scum fighter. She’s constantly training and honing her combat abilities. She seeks out the scummed because she knows that each one will provide a unique challenge to master.

Brash, Loud, Confident

The heavy is brash, loud, and confident. She’s the type who will smash first, ask questions later. The character’s not afraid of letting others know her opinions, and she frequently boasts about her triumphs. She was not a humble athlete, nor is she a humble fighter. She runs the risk of defying orders when she thinks that her way is the best.


On the surface, she appears to be able to handle the intense pressure of competing and fighting. But her loud personality is a ruse, used to cover up something her new cyborg form could not cure: depression. While she has accomplished so much and dives right into things, she first has to overcome her own mind. Everything from training to talking with others drains her mental energy. Her mind acts as constant fog clouding her actions.

Physical Description

The heavy is a human cyborg, a person who’s replaced almost all of their body with machine parts. What’s left of her natural self resides in a metal shell. She has the appearance of a full robot, but she isn’t. Her machine form isn’t sleek or minimalist, instead it’s tall, strong, and bulky. Her frame’s curved lines and facets resemble bulging muscles. Her presence on the field is overpowering, she is often the largest person in a fight.

Defining Visual Characteristics

Graffiti Tattoos

  • Represent constant improvement and loud personality

Her frame and weapon are covered in graffiti “tattoos”. These haphazard illustrations document the many triumphs the heavy has achieved since becoming a scum fighter. Whenever she’s overcome a particularly difficult challenge she rushes off to get another tattoo. Each illustration has a tale behind it, and she’s not afraid of explaining what it mean, even if the person hasn’t asked. The graffiti tattoos represent her need for constant improvement and her loud, brash personality.


  • Represents constant improvement

The heavy chooses to wield a large tech hammer, a difficult and cumbersome weapon. It requires great strength and skill to master this impractical weapon. To her, it’s another challenge that she’s set out to accomplish—which makes it represent her need for constant improvement.


  • Represent brash personality and depression

There are many lights embedded into her cyborg frame. These lights are used to illustrate her mood. They turn to bright, warm colors in the heat of battle—or the heat of an argument. The lights blink proudly when she’s recounting one of her tales of triumph. They turn to cool colors and pulse slowly when the heavy is battling with her depression. An onlooker can always tell how she’s feeling by observing the lights.

Battle Mechanics

Gameplay Niche

The heavy’s class fantasy is hammer wielding cyborg bodybuilder. She mainly deals direct damage in melee range by swinging her large hammer. Her overpowering frame and penchant for up close fighting means she serves as the party’s tank.

RPG Weapon

Her weapon of choice is a tech hammer. The hammer is as large as she is, and has the same colors, lights, and form as her frame. It is also covered in the same graffiti tattoos as her body. The hammer is slow and heavy but deals massive bludgeoning damage as she swings it with all of her strength.


The heavy is adept at impairing enemies, which keeps them away from the squishier members of the party. She deals stuns, knockbacks, and cripples. Her loud personality gives her the ability to fight verbally with sapient opponents, the taunts keeping them focused on her. She can also smash obstacles and machinery that get in the way.