The Hunter Premade RPG Character Prompt

Under her hooded shawl lies a chimera with the head and legs of a bird. The hunter stalks her prey with her vicious, venom-coated claws.

Character Facts

  • Bird-headed, bird-legged, chimera female
  • Indirect melee - venom coated claws
  • Assassin


The hunter is a bird-headed chimera who’s from a rural area of Venus. When the premade RPG character was young she was assigned to her village guard. Her colleagues always teased her and called her a weakling. She hated being ridiculed so she constantly picked fights; but her inexperience meant she always lost. Eventually she got fed up with losing and departed the village. She had her eyes set on taking down a large beast that was terrorizing the countryside. In her mind, felling the beast would prove her mettle.

While tracking the beast she gained the taste of the life of the hunter. She liked being observant and watchful—not upfront like the rest of the village warriors. Eventually she tracked down the beast and confronted it, but she was no match for its strength. Bruised and broken, she managed to escape and fled to her village—or what was left of it. Upon arriving, she discovered that it had been wiped out, a casualty of the ongoing civil war that plagued the region. She wasn’t strong enough to win fights against her fellow warriors, to fell the beast, or to protect her village. She had to get stronger.

She made a decision to pursue the life of a hunter. She proves her worth by taking down legendary prey. Over the years she’s honed her skills, turning from timid child to fierce warrior. She quietly stalks her prey, striking them down without second thought. She found the beast that she lost to many years ago and felled it. In her pursuit for stronger targets she heard a rumor about a small community that was terrorized by a monster with unexplainable powers—a scummed. The hunter set her sights on this new type of prey, stumbling into the world of the scum fighters. Each encounter with a scummed is a chance to refine her skills as a hunter and prove her worth to her past self.



The chimera is ruthless in her kills. When she has her eyes set on her prey she will stop at nothing to take it down. She rarely shows compassion if presented with the option. The hunter will opt for felling a scummed; it’ll take the effort of the entire party to convince her to perform the cure, and even more to let the monster be.


The hunter is quiet, both in conversation and her methods. She can track, stalk, and observe her prey for long periods of time, planning the best time to strike. She learned the hard way that rushing too quickly into a situation is a recipe for disaster. The chimera keeps to herself and she talks only when needed. Her mouth got her into fights with her friends when she was young, so she understands how thoughtless words can get someone into trouble. She’s also quiet in her weapon choice, preferring the slow working effects of venoms that she applies to her claws.

Survivor’s Guilt

The character often flashes back to the day she discovered her village had been wiped out. She suffers from survivor’s guilt, dwelling on the what ifs. What if she had been there? What if she had perished with the rest of her community? What if she had been stronger, would she have been able to protect them?

Physical Description

The hunter is a chimera, an alien species that resembles anthropomorphic animals. She has the head of a bird, with a crest of feathers on top and fangs protruding from her beak. Her body and arms are from a fur-covered ape, and her fingers end in long claws. The character’s legs are that of a bird, which end in sharp talons. The hunter’s hunched over stance gives her a fierce, almost monstrous appearance. Most of her head and body are covered in a large shawl which she says is used to dampen her noise.

Defining Visual Characteristics

Hooded Camo Shawl

  • Represent her survivor’s guilt and quiet nature

The chimera dons a long, camouflage, hooded shawl that covers most of her head and extends down to her waist. She says that this shawl is used to dampen her noise, blend in, and store her hunting gear—aspects of her quiet nature. In reality, the shawl is used to cover her face and body as an expression of her survivor’s guilt. She doesn’t want people looking at her and judging her for living. She uses the garment to cover up her past and to hide herself from the world.

Fierce Venomous Claws

  • Represent her ruthlessness

The hunter has claws that are longer than normal for a chimera. Don’t ask her if they’re natural or if she modified them to be sharper. She coats these claws with various venoms to aid in taking down her prey. The fierce claws and unforgiving venoms represent her ruthless nature. She will not stop until her prey is taken down.

Battle Mechanics

Gameplay Niche

The chimera’s class fantasy is venom-clawed stalker. She mainly deals indirect damage from melee range by slashing at her targets with her sharp, venom coated claws. She sneaks around the battlefield, striking at unsuspecting foes. This gives her the role of a damage over time assassin.

RPG Weapon

She mainly attacks with her sharp claws and venoms. Being a bird-headed chimera, she can also kick with her sharp talons, peck with her beak, and bite with her fangs. She deals damage over time in small packets.


Her abilities revolve around applying different venoms to her claws. Each venom works over time to debilitate the enemy. There’s specialized venoms for each situation. Players looking to master the hunter must master the art of selecting the right venom. The character also has abilities to sneak around the battlefield and strike when the moment’s right to deal extra damage.