The fourth playable RPG race are beings made of living metal. They are not to be confused with androids or cyborgs, their bodies grow and age. The metal people have a mysterious connection with the invading cosmic horrors, and may have even arrived through the same means.

The Inspiration

The inspiration for the fourth One Shot RPG character race comes from many sources. The first major inspiration is from the Guild Wars universe’s mursaat and Margonites. Next up is the artifact creatures from the Esper shard in the Magic: The Gathering Shards of Alara block, for example, this card. Early concept art of Snydra and Lissandra from League of Legends were taken into consideration when planning the race. Finally, my favorite ultra beast Pokémon, Celesteela, gets a nod from the metal people’s design.

Metal People

The metal people are living beings made entirely out of metal and metallic compounds. Metal people are not androids or cyborgs, instead they are given birth to and their bodies age and grow. The playable RPG race is not from any of the three explorable planets, and they’ve only recently revealed themselves. They claim they don’t remember where they come from, but overall they’re peaceful and eager to integrate into society. They have been accepted, especially on Earth, where the ruling corporations view them as a new audience to market to. Despite their acceptance, there is still an air of skepticism around the species and their motives.


Metal people look like androids–human shaped robots. They have long limbs interspersed with segmented connecting joints. Their larger pieces of metal have various bumps, small spikes, and other growths which gives the character race an asymmetric look. Their heads look like elaborate helmets, and they have visors instead of eyes. Instead of hair, they have thick solid shapes and protrusions. Their colors are that of metals: grays, blues, golds, browns, greens, reds, and silvers. Some members are shinier than others, and some are completely matte.

The RPG race is almost an exact match to humans when it comes to size, shape, and weight. There’s short, tall, heavy, skinny, lithe, and muscular metal people. Because of the resemblance, some theorize that the metal people have changed their appearance to match the dominant civilization—humans—to better fit in. Due to the way the species reproduces this is not out of the question, though members of the race deny this is the case.

They have internal organs made of softer metal and they have liquid metal “blood” flowing through their veins. They grow, get hurt, sick, and can die of old age. Scum affects the species and they can become scummed. Their bodies do not rust in the presence of water. Mechanically, they are as equally susceptible to poison, burning, electricity, and require the same amount of oxygen as the other species. They also require food and water, and can eat any food that the other species can.

The Spikes

The metal people all have a ring of spikes on their upper back. These spikes flare up and fan out, like a peacock’s tail, when an individual gets agitated. These spikes serve as a warning sign that the person shouldn’t be messed with, and it makes it hard for individuals to hide their emotions. When the spikes aren’t showing, they fold down, which prevents them from impeding activities like sitting or lying down.


Members of the RPG race reproduce asexually, through a process called reforging. Tight-knit groups, akin to a large family, will pool their scrap parts together. They work the scrap metal, giving it a new shape, and add their “blood” to the creation. This act results in the birth of a new individual, who enters the world as a child—more developed than an infant, but still naïve. The new metal person is raised by the group that created them until they’re of age, when they can decide to stay or find their own group.

Body Modifications

The oldest form of body modification practiced by metal person society is to turn their limbs into weapons—namely blades and bludgeons—or tools. With advances in technology they’ve become addicted with integrating machines into their bodies. When the alien species was first discovered they had already replaced body parts with local technology. Some individuals were even found already containing the internet connected chip. Other body modifications include dyeing their metals, or the less permanent paint job.

Connection to the Cosmic Horrors

The RPG race features spikes, elaborate helmets, protrusions and segmentations on the body, and come from mysterious origins. Factors such as these have led many to believe that the metal people are related to the cosmic horrors infesting the solar system. Members of the race will deny that there’s a relation. By simply looking at a metal person, the resemblance to the horrific monsters becomes apparent. Some people even believe that metal people hail from Planet X, and came through Pluto the same time the horrors did.

So far I’ve been referring to the alien species with the generic names: plant and stone people, animal people, metal people. It’s time that these playable RPG races are given a name.