The playable races of One Shot RPG are finally given a proper name. The names adhere to a set of requirements designed to get players into the game faster and to prevent confusion at the table.

Time for a Name

Up until now I’ve been referring to the three alien RPG character races by a generic name: plant and stone people, animal people, and metal people. These generic names are what humans call the alien species, as sort of a shorthand or slang. This is true both inworld and out—it’s what I’ve been calling them so far. It’s time to give these species a proper name, a word that they would use to describe themselves.

Goals for Naming RPG Races

There are a few things to consider when coming up for a name for an RPG race. These requirements are designed to make the setting more accessible and to allow the customer to get into the game faster by not having to have to remember race names. The requirements for the names are:

  • Short, one word
  • Real word—not made up
  • Generic
  • Relate to the race
  • Doesn’t conflict with other phrases


The name should be short, a single word, limited to three syllables, and not use any punctuation.

Real Word

Using a real word—not one that’s made up—allows players to understand the setting more easily because they don’t have to memorize new words.


I should use a generic term, something that’s not trademarkable. On the issue of intellectual property it could be argued that the race’s name is generic enough to not infringe upon any other IP.

Relate to the Race

The name should relate to the race. While this seems obvious, it’s worth explicitly listing it as a requirement. I shouldn’t name the animal people “cupcakes” because I thought it was funny.

Doesn’t Conflict

Imagine that the metal people are now known as the metallic. A game master says to the players, “What you see is a metallic structure, towering above your heads.” Is the game master trying to say that the structure is made of metal, or is made by the metallics? Perhaps both? The name of the race shouldn’t create confusion during an RPG session.

The Names

  • Abundant
  • Chimera
  • Reforged


The plant and stone people are called the abundant. This name refers to the abundance of rocks and plants, both on Mars and Earth.


I stated that the animal people RPG race were like chimeras in a previous article. That is a good fit for the race and I’ll keep the name.


The RPG one shot race formerly known as metal people are now known as the reforged. This name comes from their process of reproducing, and describes how they enter the world.

All of the playable RPG races have been described and given a name. Their abilities and weaponry have been given a basis. Character’s use of the internet and their AI companions have been outlined; as have their ability to modify themselves beyond recognition. Now the initial cast of characters can be narrowed down from the initial brainstorm.