Personal Goals for Creating an RPG Product

My personal goals for creating One Shot RPG, a line of tabletop role playing game supplements, can be divided into three categories: happiness, business, and recognition related. I feel these goals are modest enough to be achievable, but also deep enough to provide a clear path to completion.

Happiness Goals

I remember watching the episode of Dexter’s Laboratory “D & DD” where the characters play an RPG that’s a parody of Dungeons and Dragons. I did not know what D&D or tabletop role playing games were at the time (I was 5 when the episode first came out). Nor did I understand that the episode was supposed to be making fun of the nerdiness and ridiculousness of the game and players. Instead, watching it made me excited; I wanted to be those players. I wanted to play a game that used the imagination and took place in a made up world.

Since I can remember I have been creating games, characters, worlds, and stories in my free time. Most of those ideas are bad, and should never see the light of day. Some of the creations are ok, but have since been abandoned, doomed to be on indefinite hold. Now it’s time to make something and actually publish it. The happiness goals are driven by the fact that creating games makes me happy.

  1. Finish and publish a tabletop role playing game supplement
  2. Create my own party of characters
  3. Create a game setting
  4. Play the thing I create with others
  5. Make a gaming group happy, once

The business goal is small, and is designed to be met in a short amount of time.

  1. Make back all the costs associated with creating the first one shot adventure

Recognition Goals

I do not want any personal recognition for creating One Shot RPG. Instead I want the products, characters, and setting itself to be recognized and played by others.

  1. Have a gaming group run a One Shot RPG
  2. Meet fan of the products who has never met me
  3. Visit a digital RPG storefront and see the products for sale
  4. See a reddit thread about the products
  5. Have someone draw fanart of the characters
  6. Win an ENnie or other tabletop role playing game award

Time to get started

With these modest goals in mind I can start crafting One Shot RPG and the first adventure.