The previous elevator pitch needs some refinement and wording changes. Because it is the entry point for new customers into the tabletop RPG setting, the pitch will go through many tweaks throughout the creation of the product.

One Shot RPG takes place in our solar system, but something’s not right. Venus and Mars aren’t the same planets we know and are home to alien life. Pluto’s in a different location and is actually a portal to another world. Horrific creatures are pouring out from the not-planet, using the asteroid belt as cover. A military alliance has formed between the civilizations, their goal is to stop the alien threat and to get their hands on Pluto’s warp technology. Rumors abound that there’s a new substance—scum—that twists and corrupts good people, turning them into monsters. Monsters not unlike the ones invading. Players take the role of characters who have decided to deal with this new terrestrial threat, branding them traitors. After all, if word got out that the military’s campaign is harming the very people they’re sworn to protect, they wouldn’t be able to justify getting their hands on the very technology they seek.

The changes made to the elevator pitch are designed to separate the military’s conflict with the cosmic horrors from player’s fight against the scummed. While the pitch could use more rounds of wordsmithing, it’ll do for now.