Set in our future, the RPG game setting features practical spaceships and a large network of communications. A military alliance has formed between the three planets with their sights set on claiming warp technology as their own.


One Shot RPG takes place around 200-300 years into our future. The world didn’t flood and we managed to avoid any major nuclear catastrophe. Visions of a post-apocalyptic wasteland were only speculation. What holds true today still holds true in two centuries: the world is in a constant struggle between the interests of the people, corporations, and the military.


Faster than light technology—the warp drive–is bad for the game. Spaceships in One Shot RPG are incapable of traveling from one end of the galaxy to the other. This keeps the playfield focused on the planets inside the asteroid belt. However, ships can travel faster than they can today. For the sake of gameplay, an average spaceship takes a day to travel from one planet to the next. A trip from Venus to Mars would take the characters two Earth days.

Large spaceships are costly to make and materials are limited, so the ships in this setting are smaller. Most spaceships are designed for a family, and are the size of an RV. There’s enough room to sleep and move around, but that’s about it. The military and corporations have access to larger ships, and the largest ones are up to the size of a cruise ship. Spaceships are priced in a way if a family puts forth the effort to save, they can afford a small one. The party of characters in One Shot RPG always own a small ship.

Space Stations

Like large spaceships, large space stations are costly and require too many raw materials to be practical. There are no space stations that can house entire cities (with buildings and all). The military does have a few stations the size of shopping malls, used as bases of operations and for refueling. However, most space stations are used for research and are smaller, comparable to midsized spaceships.

Moon Colonies

The people of Earth first tried to colonize Venus but found that there was already civilization on it. Next they tried Mars and found the same. Instead, Earth colonized the planet’s moons. Moon colonies, regardless of the planet, are territories of Earth.


The Internet permeates everything in One Shot RPG. The Internet of things, augmented reality, virtual reality, AI and other technologies have been taken to their logical conclusions. Data is everywhere and is available to anyone. There’s a network of satellites, orbiting in various locations around the solar system, that broadcast data at the speed of light. These satellites are lightweight, numerous, and easy to replace. Because of this, the cosmic horror threat hasn’t managed to take down the main communications network. That doesn’t mean the Internet can be turned off regionally—it can be jammed, scrambled, and blocked.

Military Alliance

The three main planets had warred in the past, but the main conflict between them has already been resolved. For some time they have been at peace with each other, and the different species could travel to and live on the different planets. Each civilization had their own military until Pluto was revealed and the cosmic horrors started to attack. In the face of the emergency they decided to combine their efforts and formed a new combined military.

Campaign Against Horrors

On the surface, the military is on a campaign to stop the cosmic horror threat and to protect the common people. The military effort is split into four divisions. The front lines are stationed near the asteroid belt, and frequently enter it to provoke and take down the horrors that reside there. The second division patrols the space inside the belt, protecting stations, civilian ships, and keeping communications active. The third division are stationed on planets, ready to defend against any monsters that manage to slip through the other defenses. The fourth division, and the most important, are researching warp technology and the horrors themselves.

Primary Target: Warp Technology

The military’s actual goal is to get their hands on the warp technology from Pluto. They will presumably use it to conquer the rest of the galaxy. Because of this they view anyone that goes against their goals—such as the player characters—as traitors.


I haven’t decided what weapons characters in One Shot RPG have access to. I’ll need to define this later, perhaps when planning the playable characters. I’m leaning towards avoiding the use of light based or laser weapons—blasters—and more towards firing small projectiles at high speeds—railgun.