June 25, 2018 Status Update


Worked 3 full-time days on the game, a lot got done.

Visual Rooms and Props

Gone are the days of a list of things to interact with. Rooms are now visual, with backgrounds, scrolling, and clicking on images of props. This puts it closer to Escoria and a traditional point and click adventure game.

Battle System Updates

Complete rewrite of the battle system to remove spaghetti code. Also worked on game design changes to the battle system.

Weaknesses, Breaks

The interrupt system is no more, replaced with a break system.

Why remove the interrupt system? Playtesting revealed the system as-is was too hard for players to understand. I had to explain during every battle, “Look at your interrupt bar, the enemy will interrupt this attack. Use a weak skill to cover the interrupt.”

Virtual Pet Participation

The player’s virtual pet now participates in battle! They’ll generate quests, fulfill them to queue a skill for the pet to use. There’s risk and reward of “Do I fulfill the quest by using a skill I didn’t originally plan to use, or should I stick with my planned move this turn?”

Games Played

Had some fun playing Universal Paperclip, a clicker game that starts you off making paperclips and then takes the “Universal” part of the name seriously.