July 2, 2018 Status Update


Unified features so they better work together from a game design perspective.


Interacting with props can reveal points of interest (POIs).


Details are additional information about the setting and the story. If a player unlocks enough details they can get a different ending.

Scum Scraps

Players can use scum scraps (called battle tickets in code) to trigger a hard battle. Winning enough scum scrap battles unlocks upgrade levels for the party and the virtual pet. This is the main method of progression for the player’s characters. It’s an optional system, meaning players can make the game harder by opting to not use scum scraps. Winning these battles also unlocks units in the bestiary.


The bestiary is like a Pokédex, keeping track of units that the player unlocks. It gives them a fun extra thing to do. Clear all the scum scrap battles to unlock all of the units. Gotta unlock them all.

Virtual Pet Updates

Reworked how the virtual pet side of the game works by tying it into the above features. The player can also upgrade the virtual pet’s skills with the rest of the party.

Story Changes

Planned changes to the story to narrow the focus and double down on the horror aspect. When planning the updates, brainstormed a quest system.